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Ingredients and Products for the Ethical Soap Maker and Skin Care Enthusiast.

How Clean is your Karma?



My name is René Whitlock and I am a full-time soap maker and soap making teacher.

I started in the industry in 1997 and so much has changed. The one thing that I never changed is my ingredient standards.

My focus is to stay as natural and organic as possible in both my products and the ingredients I offer you. I only use organic oils, pure and natural essential oils and eco-friendly ingredients in my online and local classes and in our products.

You won’t find anything on this site that we would not personally use.

No artificial fragrance oils

No artificial colours

No Palm Oil

No Surfactants

I run a soap making school out of my Vancouver, Canada shop and have taught thousands of people to make soap. I want to save you from making the same mistakes I’ve made over the years and open you up to the incredible possibilities that soap making and skincare has offered me. I believe there is room for everyone who’s interested in this industry and I want to be able to guide you through some of the challenges you may face.

In the 80's, I was very interested in aromatherapy and I got my certificate in aromatherapy. Soap making to me was a vehicle for my blends. I formed a small group of soap makers and it was clear that there was a lot more to learn in this industry. I started talking about my ideas with this group and it became almost a regular gathering of the minds. I shared what I had learned and showed the group new methods I learned from trial and error. Soon friends of friends and their friends were coming to these gatherings and it grew from there.

My love of soap making and skincare grew and soon I found a studio that could accommodate my obsession. I took on more classes, I did a lot of markets and craft shows and from there our audience grew. I was soon able to make this hobby a full time business. Over the years I outgrew the studio and took on a full retail space where we sell products, ingredients and hold classes and studio time. The popularity of our classes increased so much that we were able to teach in New York. 




The tree that Palm oil is extracted from creates a uniculture. This means that nothing else can grow because the tree uses up all the nutrients in the soil. In the areas that these palm trees are grown, it is cheaper for the manufacturer to buy new land than to replenish the soil with more nutrients. By using up more land, this endangers the habitat for orangutans and other vulnerable species living in the rain forests. There are many better alternatives to palm oil and we choose to use organic coconut oil. This creates a beautiful palm oil free soap that we can be proud of. If you want to learn more about the palm oil industry or want to help the orangutans, please check out Orangutan Foundation International at  

I’ve watched so many people fall in love with the process. Skincare and soap making is my life.

My daughter, Candice, grew up around all my soap and skincare making and she has recently come on board and helps me run our Vancouver shop and studio. She has a background in holistic nutrition and she helps me in making decisions on new ingredients and recipes for new products to ensure they’re as clean as possible.



Have fun checking out the rest of the site for ingredients for your next creation or our handmade Karma Suds products for your body, face, hair and home!


Reiki and Soap Making

Reiki pronounced Ray-Key means Universal Life Force Energy.  Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique used on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.

A trained Reiki Practitioner has been attuned to this energy by a Reiki Master 
and works as a vessel to cleans and promote healing.  
Every object on earth, both living and inanimate, contains Life Force Energy.  Reiki is not attached to any belief system, religion or faith and has been scientifically proven to be valid.

Reiki is a large part of my life. I have been practicing since the early 2000's. Every product that I create has been infused with Reiki energy. Every class I teach, the room is always cleansed with Reiki energy before starting. A lot of people have said that coming to classes and working in the studio during Studio Time is like a sanctuary for them. I think that has a lot to do with the Reiki energy in the room.

Take care and happy soaping.
Rene Whitlock