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Colours, Exfoliants, Powders, Clays, Salts

These natural colours not only add beauty to your products, but many of them have benefits that add to your hand made products.

Exfoliants are a great way to add texture to your products.  They contribute to removing dead skin from your body and leave you with a fresh glow.  They can be used in face scrubs and body scrubs as well as soap.

Powders can be used to add benefits to your skin products.  They can contribute to the colour as well as the texture.

Clays can be used in masks and scrubs, in soap, as an oil absorbing ingredient in your products or to add texture and softness to you lotions and creams.

Salts can be used in foot scrubs, bath products and in soap as an exfoliant.


Armenian Clay,Powders and Clays - Karma Suds
Armenian Clay
From $1.44 - $3.88
Epsom Salt,Salts - Karma Suds
Epsom Salt
From $0.83 - $3.78
Kaolin Clay,Powders and Clays - Karma Suds
Kaolin Clay
From $1.44 - $3.88
Pink Clay,Powders and Clays - Karma Suds
Pink Clay
From $1.44 - $3.88
Pumice Powder
Pumice Powder
From $3.60 - $9.70
Red Clay,Powders and Clays - Karma Suds
Red Clay
From $1.44 - $3.88
Rhassoul Clay
Rhassoul Clay
From $1.44 - $3.88
Rice Powder,Powders and Clays - Karma Suds
Rice Powder
From $1.20 - $2.00