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Energy Clearing, Reiki and Chakra Products

Stones, Soap, Bath Sodas, Candles and other products to balance your Chakras and energize.

Intention Soap
Inside each specially handcrafted bar of Intention Soap you will find your own personal Intention Stone.  Each time you use your soap, you will move closer to meeting your stone.  This stone has been cleansed and empowered by a Reiki Master to enhance and focus the energies that are naturally part of your Intention Stone.

Each herb and essential oil that has been added to your soap has a specific purpose. It is to envelope the stone with the same intentions that it has been energized with.  Once you meet your stone, it will be charged with your own energies and you can carry it with you.

Reiki pronounced Ray-Key means Universal Life Force Energy.  Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique used on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.

A trained Reiki Practitioner has been attuned to this energy by a Reiki Master 
and works as a vessel to cleans and promote healing.  
Every object on earth, both living and inanimate, contains Life Force Energy.  Reiki is not attached to any belief system, religion or faith and has been scientifically proven to be valid.

Emotion Potion Aura Mist
A combination of Reiki, Flower Essences and Aromatherapy to clear your emotional path.

Chakra Candles 
Each candle is infused with Reiki energy and a blend of pure essential oils to balance specific Chakras. Made with Organic Soy Wax.

Chakra Bath Soda
These Bath indulgences are created to help you move through life challenges and past stagnant energy that is brought on by blocked Chakras.
Chakras are 7 energy pockets in your body. When all of your Chakras are open and flowing properly, life just seems to fall into place.
You can unblock each Chakra starting from the base and working your way up, or you can go straight to the unhealed chakra and focus on that blockage. 

Reiki Infused Healing Stones and Crystals
This collection includes Selenite, tumbled stones and raw stones to add intensity to your intentions and healing.

Chakra Balancing Chart
** It’s like a mini Reiki Healing Session **
This chart has been infused with Reiki Energy during its creation and after it was printed. Standing in front of the chart will instantly replenish your chakras and help open and balance your blockages.  

This tool allows you to access earth energy to help with decision making.
We are all made of energy and this is just 1 simple way to help us connect with positive guidance that is all around us.

Pendulums are personal and should be calibrated and connected to your own energy.

The best way to do this is to ask a simple yes or no question and notice the direction the pendulum swings.

Simple questions:
Is my name “Fred”?

Is water wet?


Energy Clearing
Herbs, Smudges and products that are intended for clearing blocked and old energy as well as protect you and your environment from unwanted energy.