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Wild Crafted Class !!!, - Karma Suds

Karma Suds

Wild Crafted Class !!!


Must complete Palm Oil Free Hot Process Organic Soap Making Class before enrolling in this class

During this full participation fast paced class you will be creating a hot process resin soap that contains Myrrh resin, Frankincense resin or both.

What do these ancient resins add to soap? First of all they create a very hard bar of soap. This is a great way to keep the soap from disappearing quickly. These resins also have healing properties.

The resins must be prepared in a special way before they are added to the soap. We will be doing this in class.

We will also be making a very effective natural toothpaste with myrrh powder. This resin adds anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to the toothpaste.

Dragon’s blood resin is a wonderful healing ingredient and will be included in a healing stick that we will be making.

Under eye gel is a great way to tighten tired skin and we will be adding an extra special ancient ingredient that is very high in antioxidants.

Please be sure you have completed the hot process class before taking this Wild Crafted Class.

We will be making:

  • 2 lb batch of resin soap (Myrrh, Frankincense or both)

  • Natural toothpaste

  • Dragon’s Blood Healing balm

  • Under Eye firming gel


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