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Natural Perfume Creations Class

Karma Suds

Natural Perfume Creations Class


*No prerequisite required*

In this very hands on class you will be able to create your very own scents for yourself and others.

Unlike Department Store perfumes, natural perfumes are very personal and discrete.

You will not leave an offensive cloud of scent behind when you leave a room or elevator.

The perfume is only detected by you and those who are in your space. It’s like a little pleasant secret you share.

During this class you will be using 21 different essential oils and absolutes to create amazing aromas.

All fragrances used in this class are ethically sourced and natural. There are no artificial fragrances.

In this class you will quickly learn by following guidelines and listening to your own voice, you can be a very successful perfume artist. Enthusiasm and the willingness to explore, take chances and practice is really what goes into making incredible natural perfumes.

You will create 2 separate perfumes in this class.

  • 1 solid perfume
  • 1 roll on perfume

*Price includes tax

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