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Natural Masks, Scrubs, and Beyond Class

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Natural Masks, Scrubs, and Beyond Class



*No prerequisite required*

In this class, you will be creating a new skincare routine from cleansing to moisturizing and all the steps in between. All natural ingredients are used to benefit and nourish the skin.

We will begin by creating and customizing makeup and grime remover that is ideal for all skin types from dry and sensitive to normal and oily. Not just for makeup, this can be used to get rid of daily pollution!

Facial cleansers are the next step and you will have several choices for your skin type.

Facial scrubs are important for removing dead skin cells from the surface of your face. These dead skin cells leave your skin looking dull if they are not removed.

Face masks are a great way to pull out impurities from your skin and these will be customized to your preference.

Once all of the toxins are removed from your skin, it’s time to use a toner to prepare your skin for your custom made skin serums and protective face mists.

You will take home:

Makeup and Grime Remover

Face Cleanser

Face Scrub

Face Mask


Face Protective Mist

Facial Serum


*Price includes tax

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