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Natural Extreme Hair Care Class, - Karma Suds

Karma Suds

Natural Extreme Hair Care Class


This class goes beyond the daily conditioner that you learn to make in the Natural Lotion and Cream Essentials Class and beyond the shampoo

that you learn to make in the Liquid Soap Class.

This class takes care of all your hair care needs.

You will learn how to PH balance your shampoos, create deep cleansing products,

along with those finishing touch products that are traditionally full of chemicals.

We will be working with several Vitamins and minerals that are especially good for protecting

and healing your hair.

Some of the ingredients we will be using include Essential Oils,

Hydrosols and Hair benefiting plant oils.

We will never use petroleum based ingredients in this class and

no harsh chemicals, fillers or synthetic preservatives.

The natural products you will be making in this class include:

Natural PH balanced Shampoo

Dry Shampoo (GMO free)

Dead Sea Texture Spray

Hair Wax

Hair Gel

Deep Cleansing Detox Hair Clay

Shine Spray

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