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Natural Butters and Balms Class

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Natural Butters and Balms Class



*No prerequisite required*

During this class you will be creating several waterless products.

You will create a beautiful natural body butter that can be customized to your preference.

You will be working with your choice of organic Shea, Mango and Cocoa Butters.

All products you make will be scented with pure essential oils.

Lip balm made without petroleum ingredients are difficult to find. You will be making your very own with natural flavour oils. You can choose from either vegan organic soy and coconut wax or beeswax.

We will be creating a fantastic body scrub with a body butter base that leaves your skin silky soft.

You will have several options to customize this scrub and choose from several exfoliating options.

With the foot scrub, we will be using a combination of salts.

You will have your choice of essential oils that are perfect for fighting fungus and bacteria.

You will be creating a very convenient moisturizing bar that you will be customizing, as well as creating a massage bar that melts onto your skin and slowly sinks in after working your tired muscles.

You will be taking home:

Body Butter

Lip Balm

Foot Scrub

Body Scrub 

Massage Bar

Moisturizing Balm


*Price includes tax

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