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Natural Bath Indulgences Class

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Natural Bath Indulgences Class



*No prerequisite required*

This class is all about those wonderful products you can put into your bath.

Bath bombs can be a real challenge, but i will show you how to make perfect natural bath bombs using clays and beautiful ingredients without chemicals and artificial fragrance oils that cause skin irritations.

Bath salts are a wonderful way to soak the toxins out of your skin. We will be adding a few other natural ingredients to boost its benefits. You will be creating an addictive way to end your busy day.

Bath oils are used to restore your skin's elasticity and protect your skin from moisture loss. You will be creating an oil that blends into your bath water and won’t float on top.

You can customize the body scrub that you will be making to suit your preference. Some of the ingredients you will be choosing from include organic sugars, butters, oils and pure essential oils.

You will be creating a wonderful deodorant that is formulated for sensitive skin. This very effective deodorant can be customized for men or women and contains only natural ingredients.

A bath indulgence class wouldn’t be complete without a natural soy candle scented with pure aromatherapy essential oils instead of harmful chemical fragrance oils. These candles do not contain petroleum ingredients which are harmful for you.

You will leave the class with:

Bath Salt

Bath Oil

Bath Bombs

Body Scrub


Soy Wax Candle


*Price includes tax

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