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Hot Process Organic Soap Making Class - Palm Oil Free

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Hot Process Organic Soap Making Class - Palm Oil Free



*Must complete Beginners Cold Process Organic Soap Making Class before enrolling in this class*

Hot Process Soap Making opens the door to even more creativity.  It allows you more options when it comes to essential oils and natural colours since you will be speeding up the chemical reaction that is essential to making natural soap.

In this class you will learn how to use other ingredients like teas, wine, beer and hydrosols in your soap, as well as learn how to make a conditioning shampoo bar! 

During this 2 hour class, you will make a recycled soap mold to hold your fresh 2 pound batch of soap.

You will also learn to make an organic soap recipe that you can call your very own.

Once you decide how you would like your soap to benefit your skin (moisturizing, exfoliating, acne prevention, etc), we will work together to customize a blend that you will be making during class.

We will talk about the ingredients that work in hot process but not cold process soap making.

We will be unmolding and cutting a freshly made batch of Hot Process Soap so you will know what to expect when your soap is ready to cut.


This class is not a demo class, it is very hands on.

I will make sure you are comfortable with each step of the soap making process so you are confident and successful when it comes to making your soap on your own.

You will also take home your customized recipe with any information you need to duplicate it and all the information you need to create even more personalized recipes for yourself and others.


You will be able to take your hot process soap home with you so you can unmold and cut it the next day.

I look forward to answering all of your questions both during and after the class.

For the full online program from Soap Making School, please check out

An apron and a face shield will be provided in class, but it is recommended you wear something you don't mind getting messy as we are working with oils.

*Price includes tax

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