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Beginners Class Palm Oil Free Cold Process Organic Soap Making Class, - Karma Suds

Karma Suds

Beginners Class - Palm Oil Free Cold Process Organic Soap Making Class


Cold process soap making is the foundation for all other natural soap making techniques.

Learning cold process before moving on to a more complicated class is essential.

You will need to complete this class

before you register for the following classes:

  • Organic Hot Process Soap Making Class
  • Natural Liquid Soap Making Class
  • Cream Soap Making Class
  • Wine, Beer and Juice Soap Making Class
  • Natural Art Soap Making Class
  • Milk Soap Making Class

During this 3 hour class, you will make a recycled soap mold

to hold your fresh 2 pound batch of soap.

You will also learn to make an organic soap recipe that you can call your very own.

Once you decide how you would like your soap to benefit your skin (moisturizing, exfoliating, acne prevention, etc),

we will work together to customize a blend that you will be making during class.

You will learn about blending essential oils and will be given several of my favorite essential oil recipe blends that I have created over the past 20 years.

You will be able to choose any of these blends to add to your soap batch.

Please note, I do not use artificial fragrance oils.

The only fragrances I work with come from natural sources.

There are many choices for natural colours. Some of these colours are typical and others are very unusual and creative.

We will discuss the huge amount of options when it comes to natural colours and we will discuss some sources of colour that you need to avoid, both natural and synthetic.

We will talk about natural ingredients that help to make your soap harder and last longer.

We will be unmolding and cutting a freshly cured batch of soap so you will know what to expect when your soap is ready to cut.

We will take a look at different ways to wrap and package your soap,how to cure it properly and when you will be able to use it.

This class is not a demo class, it is very hands on.

I will make sure you are comfortable with each step of the soap making process so you are confident and successful when it comes to making your soap on your own.

You will leave with a full Cold Process Soap Making manual on dvd (over 50 pages) containing detailed pictures of each step, as well as the step by step recipe creation worksheets with everything laid out and any notes you have jotted down as you went along (I will help you with this).

You will also take home your customized recipe with all information you need to duplicate it and all the information you need to create even more personalized recipes for yourself and others.

Your soap will be packaged in a transportation box and you will be able to take it home after the class.

You can unmold and cut the soap the next day.

I look forward to answering all of your questions both during and after the class

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