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All About Lavender Class

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All About Lavender Class



*No prerequisite required*

This class is for the lavender lovers.

Sip Organic Lavender Lemonade while you create several products with Lavender as the featured ingredient.

You will be making an herbal bath tea featuring lavender and several other healing and relaxing herbs. The tea will be placed in an organza bag and can be used as a drawer freshener after the tea is used.

The linen spray you will create can be used nightly before bed or to freshen and scent your room throughout the day.

Lavender is a wonderful healing herb and you will be making a balm to use on scrapes and dry skin. Several different herbal infusions can be used to support lavender’s many benefits and you will choose depending on your goal for the balm. Whether it is for healing dry skin, relaxing muscle pain, or simply a soothing and calming balm, there are several options for you to choose from.

Learning to blend essential oils is a great experience. You will be making 3 lavender essential oil blends to take home.

Lavender whipped lotion is the ultimate indulgence. You will be using a very unique technique to make this fluffy and rich lotion. It’s sure to be a new favourite.

You will be taking home:

    • Lavender Linen Spray
    • Lavender Bath Tea
    • Lavender Healing Balm
    • 3 Lavender Essential Oil Blends
    • Lavender Whipped Lotion
    • Recipe for the Delicious Organic Lavender Lemonade you will be drinking during the class.

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