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*Prerequisite required - Must have taken a Soap Making School Live Class*

At this time we are not doing double time slots (2 consecutive time slots), just a 1 hour time limit. 

Studio Time is offered to students who have taken Soap Making School classes and wish to make more products but need a space away from home or a little more guidance before continuing on their own. 

You have all ingredient options you had in class and can make the same recipe you made before or experiment with different ingredients. 

Studio Time will have a new format in order to keep everyone safe and healthy. If you have seen our new class set ups, you know we have split the room to allow distancing between students.

For Studio Time, we will have a maximum of 2 people in per hour. You will each have your own half of the room, divided by plexiglass and a clear curtain, as well as all the ingredients and tools you will need.

You will only have 1 hour to make your products so please come prepared with your recipes ready to go.

We will need time to sanitize the workspace between sessions so please be on time!

Spots are limited and so many of you are waiting to come in to the studio. There will be a non-refundable, non-transferable $10 deposit to book your spot that will go towards your final Studio Time total. Each time slot is 1 hour. Please keep this in mind when determining your batch sizes. At this time we are not doing double time slots (2 consecutive time slots), just a 1 hour time limit. If you and a friend would like to be in the studio together, you will need to book both spots for that time slot. 

Your time slot cannot be extended if you are late as there will be another pair coming in and the room needs to be reset. Sorry that we are being so strict but there is a protocol we need to follow in order to have you back in the studio. No-shows and cancellations will have their deposit donated to the Orangutan Foundation International.

Please indicate in the notes what you will be making during your studio time so we can be prepared with the necessary tools and ingredients. If you would like to reserve a 6 lbs mold for making your soap, please also indicate that in the notes. Molds are first come, first serve.


Studio Time Pricing

Soap - Single Batch - 2 lbs -- $30.00

Soap - Double Batch - 4 lbs -- $50.00

Soap - Triple Batch - 6 lbs -- $60.00

Lotion & Conditioner -per 200 g -- $9.00

Body Butter & Massage Bars -per 100 g -- $9.00

Butter Scrub (sugar or salt) -per 100 g -- $4.00

Bath Bombs - per 100 g -- $2.50

Face Masks & Scrubs - per 60 g -- $4.00

Face Mist & Toner - per 100 g -- $4.00

Face Cleanser & Makeup Remover - per 100 g -- $5.00

Face Serum & Essential Oil Roll-on - per 10 mL -- $7.00

Lip Balm & Scrub - per 10 g -- $2.50

Healing Balm - per 60 g -- $4.00

Liquid Shampoo - per 200 g -- $7.50

Dry Shampoo - per 50 g -- $3.00

Bath Salt & Oil - per 100 g -- $2.00

Body Sugar Scrub (soap base) - per 100 g -- $4.00

Deodorant, Linen Spray, Foot Spray, Bathroom Spray - per 100 g -- $4.00

Laundry Soap - per 2 L - $7.00

Beard Oil - per 50 mL -- $6.00

Votive Candles --$2.00

Eye Gel - per 50 mL -- $5.00

Toothpaste - per 50 g -- $3.00

Bath Tea (Incl. bag) -- $2.50

Shaving Cream - per 60 g -- $3.50

Coconut Milk Bath - per 30g --$5.00

Cleansing Aura Mist - per 30 mL -- $4.00



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