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All About Peppermint Class

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All About Peppermint Class


*Must complete Beginners Cold Process Organic Soap Making Class before enrolling in this class*

Peppermint is fresh and clean.

There are limitless products you can make with a peppermint theme.

We will touch on a few in this class.

We will spend most of the class working on Organic Peppermint Vegan Milk Soap.

Though we will be creating a Vegan Milk Soap (using Organic Pure Coconut Milk), this technique can also be used to make traditional milk soap.

In this class you will learn to make Peppermint Beard Oil

and we will also be making an antibacterial deodorizing peppermint foot spray that really works.

You will be making 3 peppermint essential oil blends to take home.

You will be taking home:

  • A 2 lb batch of Organic Peppermint Vegan Milk Soap
  • 3 Peppermint Essential Oil Blends
  • Peppermint Antibacterial Foot Spray
  • Peppermint Beard or Hair Softening and Conditioning Oil

For the full online program from Soap Making School, please check out

An apron and face shield will be provided, it is recommended to wear something you don't mind getting messy as we are working with oils.

*Price includes tax

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