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Custom Batch Soap 6 pounds

Karma Suds

Custom Batch Soap 6 pounds


Custom soap batches are available to be made. This is a great alternative for those that have a soap recipe but aren't able to make it at home.

How does this work? Your soap is created in the studio using the Karma Suds mold, it is placed in an order queue and once its completed and cut, you come with your box and take your fresh batch of soap home to cure.

How many bars do I get? You will receive 19 bars of good quality soap and 2 end pieces these are known as the ugly ducklings, there is nothing wrong with this soap it just isn't 'pretty' for a grand total of 21 bars!

What information does Karma Suds need? In the notes section we require the following information: olive oil/coconut oil ratios, macadamia nut, sweet almond, or grapeseed special oil, shea, mango, or cocoa butter (optional), exfoliant (optional), swirl colour(s), background colour (optional), essential oils, indicate hot or cold process, for hot process indicate hydrosol if wanted. 

You can also just send an email to with your custom soap order request along with pictures so that we can attempt to replicate your bar!

Please note there might be additional costs associated with your batch due to special oils and/or essential oils not offered in studio time. If this is the case, Karma Suds will reach out to you prior to making your soap and discuss options and confirm the request.


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