Soap Making School Blog

Rene Whitlock

Posted on December 10 2010

Hello everyone
Welcome to my new Blog for Soap Making School.
rene whitlock from Soap Making School

If you are already a soap maker, welcome home. If you have not explored soap making, welcome aboard.

This Blog is going to cover all different areas of Soap Making, Cosmetic Making, Spa product making, Candle making and everything involved with the craft of natural beauty products.

Here is a little bit about me and where I came from as far as soap making and toiletries.

I started soap making in 1997. This was scary because I was afraid to get close to the sodium hydroxide that is a main ingredient for soap making.

It was a sunny summer day in Vancouver Canada, and I sent my 2 young children off to see their grandparents while I made soap for the first time.

I phoned a few people who lived near me to make them aware that I was about to make soap for the first time and if they did not hear from me in the next hour, they should come and check on me.