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Soap Making School – Soap Grad Status

Rene Whitlock

Posted on January 10 2011

students who graduated from week 12 of soap making school are put into soap grad status.Hi Everyone

I have just completed and posted week 12 of Soap Making School classes.  Week # 12 is the final week.   That means that every member who began in the first week will be moving into Soap Grad Status.

So what is Soap Grad Status?

Once you have completed week 12, you will be given access to the  Soap Grad Page.  You will also no longer be charged a membership fee.  You have earned a lifetime membership.

You will be given your own personal password and you can access all 12 weeks of classes from that one page.

There will be new soap making and cosmetic making videos posted  each week on the page and ebooks available that are not going to be available to any other members until they become a Soap Grad.

I like to keep up with the newest products out there and will keep you well informed with newly tested formulas and ideas to keep your creative minds working overtime.

I have so many ideas that are spinning inside my head for the Soap Grad Page.  I can’t wait to get started.

So thank you again for all the students who have stuck with me from the beginning.  We have worked our way through a lot of recipes and you all started with a simple cold process recipe.  You can now make:

cold process soap
hot proccess soap
chocolate and silk soap
Quebracho Rosemary Mint Soap
African Rooibos tea soap
Chunk Soap
fixing a messed up batch of soap
making your own soap recipe
Coconut liquid soap
olive liquid soap
soy liquid soap
bath bombs
bath tea in organza tea bags
bolivian mountain bath buzz
mineral hair masque
elemental tea lites (natural soy candles)
natural eye shadow
detox foot balm
hugs and kisses massage bars
lip balms
bath melties
natural lotions
Chakra salts
Lemon Verbena Soy Candles
Buttermilk Bath
Night Time Facial Serum
weekly hair conditioner
daily hair conditioner
Grapefruit Vanilla Bath Oil
Dancing Feet foot lotion
Body Sugars and scrubs
natural eyeliner
Aura Mist
Laundry Soap

I am sure I have missed a lot of other things and certainly the essential oil blends.  YOU HAVEN’T SEEN ANYTHING YET!!!

Stick around and visit the Soap Grad Page.  I will be launching it as soon as possible and all of the Grads will be receiving their password information as soon as the Page is ready to go.

Take care and thanks so much for being a part of the Soap Making School.  There are new members joining every day, and I haven’t lost any of you yet!!

Rene Whitlock