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Soap Making Scents – How to Keep the Scent in Your Handmade Soap

Rene Whitlock

Posted on December 30 2011


Losing the scent from your soap is a real problem that all soap makers face.

You have unmolded and cut your fresh soap, you have let it cure and set,
now it’s ready to be packaged and used.

You notice that the scent from your soap has either dissipated or completely faded.

How frustrating!!




I have discovered a perfect solution completely by accident.

This works equally well for hot process soap making  and cold process soap making.

Here is the story:

There is a soap making supply store near my home that I go to when I need a few small things between my wholesale purchases.

Every time I go in there, I leave the store smelling like whatever fragrance oil they were pouring in the back.

This smell sticks to me for a good few hours.

I never stay in this store for long because artificial fragrance oil
makes me feel ill and gives me a headache.  I try to get in and out in 10 minutes.

As I was driving around with this scent in my nose and clothes,
I started thinking how odd it was that in such a short amount of time,
a scent could cling and last so long.

My mind started working and I rushed home to start experimenting.

  •  I took some soap bars that had lost a lot of its scent after curing.
  • I put this soap in a lidded container
  • I put a small amount of the essential oil blend from the soap batch in a glass bottle
  • I left the soap in the closed container with the scent for a full day.


When I opened the container and took out a bar of soap, I noticed the soaps scent had been fully restored.

It was at the same intensity as when I first cut the soap.

The fact is, the soap acts as a sponge for scents.

This is a good reason to keep your soaps away from each other,
so they don’t pick up each other’s scents.

This is the solution to your soap losing its scent.

Once your soap has cured, put it in a plastic container with the scent you used in your soap.







Close the lid so your soap can absorb the scent.  Take the soap out as you need it.

If you are using essential oils to scent your soap, be sure you put the essential oil in a glass bottle.





Let me know what you think of this solution.  It works for me, I hope you try it out.

Happy Soaping and Happy New Year!!