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Is There Glass in Your Store Bought Commercial Soap?

Rene Whitlock

Posted on May 27 2015


What We Don’t Know About Commercial Soap


vintage pop art girlGlass is only one shocking ingredients that might be in that store bought soap.


Over the last 18 years of making soap, the question I get asked most:  what is the difference between commercial soap and handmade natural soap?



There are several differences, but today I want to tell you about a concealed ingredient you may be exposed to if you are still using commercial soap.



Many commercial soap companies stretch their production dollar by adding sodium silicate or sulfate of soda to the soap making process.


This ingredient is a liquid glass and is added to the soap product.  It reduces the actual content of soap in the product.  This brings down the production cost making it extremely cheap to make the soap.


When Sodium Silicate is added to the soap, it increases the lather.   This allows the soap maker to use less of the natural soap making ingredients to create the same effect.  It really stretches the soap maker’s dollar.


Unfortunately, since soap is considered to be a wash off product, the commercial soap industry is not obligated to put many of the ingredients they choose to use on their ingredient list.


You can usually identify the soap that has Sodium Silicate in it because it has a slight glossy look to the bars.


Scratching BoyAccording to the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) Sodium Silicate is a skin irritant.


No matter how diligent we are when it comes to reading labels and educating ourselves on the ingredients that manufacturers do list, we are still subjected to harsh ingredients without knowing it.


The good news is that we can protect our health and our families’ health by making our own soap and skin care.


This is only one of the differences that makes natural handmade soap so appealing and essential to our everyday lives.


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To you and your beautiful skin!