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How to Make Your Own Water Proof Labels

Rene Whitlock

Posted on January 04 2013

Professional Looking Waterproof Labels From Your Own Printer!

So many natural soap makers and lotion makers have struggled
with the problem of waterproofing their labels.

This has been one of my problems for many years.

I have never wanted to commit to ordering my labels
from a label printing company for several reasons.

You usually have to order 10,000
or more to get a decent price.

You are usually charged a set up fee for the custom
plates and film (I have been quoted $300 and up).

You are stuck with the labels until they are used up.
You can’t change the ingredients, packaging or logo.


So what about the waterproof label paper?  Yes, the paper itself is waterproof.
But the ink that you need to print from your printer is not.

I have tried leaving the labels out to dry for a week but the ink still ran and smeared.
I have tried running the labels under water to take the initial top coat of
ink off (this is what the 1 800 help line suggested), but it just looked bad and faded.

Another help line person told me to spray the waterproof labels with an acrylic coating
after I print on them.  No thank you.  It will smell like spray paint.
Not exactly something I want to try to explain as someone picks up
the tester and comments on the smell.

At just under $1 per sheet  (I bought 250 sheets), I found waterproof
label paper to be a waste of time and money.

So what do we do about containers that are going to get wet?  Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Sugar etc.

I have found the solution.  Make your own professional looking waterproof labels .

It works like a dream.

Your labels will cost pennies.

You can change your labels any time you like.

No set up fee

Professional looking

Watch my latest video  and tell me what you think:

Waterproof Label Video

Happy labeling