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Finish Your Soap Edges Video – Quick and Easy Method

Rene Whitlock

Posted on June 17 2015

Helpful Video for Soap Edge Finishing


When I began soap making 18 years ago, the finishing techniques were not at the top of my list.


I liked the rustic look and thought it looked very natural.


Over the years I have changed my soap style and do enjoy a pretty finished bar of soap to both look at and use.


I tried the soap edgers that slice off the point of the edges, I tried  potato peelers and I’ve tried using beveled soap edge molds.


This method in the video is by far the easiest and least wasteful.


I accidentlly discovered it when I went to cut my soap on an edger and because there was oatmeal in the bar it looked like a complete mess.


I tried to clean up the edge with a butter knife then quickly discovered how much less waste I created when the batch was finished.   The edges looked soft and round.  The soap was comfortable in my hand and this is the method I still use.


Let me know how you like it!


Happy soaping