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A Simple Soap Making Solution to Get Rid of Soap Ash From Your Hand Made Soap!

Rene Whitlock

Posted on June 21 2013

No More White Ash on Your Handmade Soap



You have made a beautiful batch of soap and there it is, that white film sitting on top of your soap.


This is called soap ash.  It is not harmful, but it’s not pretty.


Soap ash is crystallized soap that sits on top of your soap and gives your batch a dull look.


I have found the solution to the soap ash problem by experimenting with heat and water.


Now I use this method whether there is soap ash or not because it makes the top of my soap glow and look great.


Watch my video for solving the soap ash problem and give it a try the next time you run into this problem.

or watch it on your portable device:


Happy Soaping!